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Alcantara is one of the few Spanish sculptors to perform direct carving at present. Andres Alcantara commenced his evolutionary process in line with expressionism and led towards an update of the universality and infinity. The modern European sculpture is continuously searching, drawing on the Neo-African aesthetics from the beginning of the 20th century, awaken from the primitive populations. Neoexpressionist artists return to these roots with blunt artworks free from additionalities. This rule of expressive authenticity stands through the entire aesthetic speech of Andres Alcantara.

Subsequently, he moved towards the sublimation of the keynotes to avoid narrative, pointing to the refinement of materials, forms, and ideas. Thus, expressive processing gives way to the constant development of structures on their own and their true nature. In so doing, the output might look unemotional but, instead, it shows higher dispossession and focusing levels with no heat or strength loss.

His artworks are expanding toward greater visibility of the lines and the design while showing more sophistication and vitality. From his expressionist starting point, he has evolved toward a spirit-deep rooted sculpture with a more traditional treatment of carvings and a growth of the iconographic repertoire, which conceives the artwork as an origin of the spirituality.

Alcantara stresses a distinctly sophisticated technology which follows the traditional concept of an artisan, thus returning to the roots of sculptural creation. Andres gets involved in the entire process: he selects the stone, he plans and draws every output, shapes the rock, and he carves and polishes it “… until the truth gets revealed”.

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