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Sculpture. Painting. Engravings.

Andrés Fernández Alcántara, known as Alcántara, was born in Torredelcampo, Jaén, Spain, 1960. From a very young age he began to sculpt in carpentry and joinery workshops in his hometown. Later, he moved to Granada and began to carve wood.

Later, in Madrid, he works in the stone sculptor Fernando Paúl’s workshop, and comes into contact with the sculptor and professor Fernando Cruz Solís, as well as with Rodolfo Conesa, who make it easier for him to carry out his work in the Faculty workshops of Fine Arts (Complutense University of Madrid).

Pedro Atienza

You are detained in Stone,
Don Quixote Rosy marble from Alicante
Which under the chasing tool of Alcantara has passed bouncing
From the past to the future

Alcántara is one of the few Spanish sculptors who still carries out direct carving. He has had several individual exhibitions, mainly in Spain, France, Portugal and China. He has also participated in group shows that have been held in different places such as Madrid, Murcia, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Alcalá de Henares, Antwerp and Lisbon.

Although his facet as a sculptor has always been better known, his contact with painting and engravings has been really fruitful.

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