The exponents of the
Archetypes 1990 1991 Hall

Jose Marin-Medina
Snatch of the preface to the catalog Archetypes 1980-1990
Madrid, September 1990

The end results consist of a strong focus on emotions and in a particular, distinctive method to approach artworks. Alcantara’s expertise in the field of constituents and techniques, as well as the clarity of his ideas, his confidence in the spirit, and his solid style, makes his sculpture recognized as powerful and profound. He is a sculptor on his way. 

But the artist’s process is always something open and primal. For even more reason, this is the way of an author like Andres. A little while back, his path made the turn towards new schemes, on the way to new artworks in which lines prevail, where the previous drawing, untiringly worked out, applies as a coherent tool to create figures.

Simultaneously, these figures set in motion a greater complexity while their droop bows down to a higher momentum. Besides, his iconographic repertoire is broadening concerning the instrumental and architectural space. There is some friction between reaction and resistance.

Thus, In my opinion, this exhibition of Alcantara’s oeuvre will be held to be not only an informed panorama, a synthesis concerning the output and the actual scope of his art, but also as a witness of the fantastic instants by which the author lived the process of shaping, pondering his outstanding achievements, and, above all, the equilibrium of his growth, but meeting this new horizon as essential as inevitable in which the authentic art propels beyond itself.

(Adapted by JMS)